CABLE4YOU Cello™ Limited Edition interconnects NEW

CABLE4YOU Cello™ “ Limited Edition interconnect “ is an analog interconnect based on advanced CABLE4YOU Audio technologies. The new Cello™ is a new cable that employs the latest technology to reach a level of ultimate quality. CABLE4YOU Cello™ “ Limited Edition interconnect “ uses a unique combination of Dissolid™ and LineAIR™ technology (incl. dielectric materials, extrusion techniques, conductor size and composition, impedance matching, shielding, connector technology and many other..) for precise impedance control and low noise signal transmission. LineAIR™ technology introduces more air space around the conductors and insulation contact with the conductors is considerably reduced.
Cello™ interconnects transfer audio signals from source to load with no perceivable alteration of the audio signal. You are guaranteed to be amazed when your system is re-cabled with new CABLE4YOU Cello™ interconnects. Listen once and you will be inside the music.

Cello™ “ Limited Edition interconnect “ is composed with unique high purity GALLO/JET™ /HG-OCCLC (High Gloss Ohno Casting Oxygen Free High Conductivity Linear Crystal Conductor) conductors to maintain signal purity and low jitter for natural musical reproduction. The surface of each GALLO/JET™ conductor is highly polished. Dyneon™ insulation helps control linear constant impedance throughout the digital bandwidth. The Cello™ is a analogue interconnect cable designed to approach the transparency, speed and reference quality, signal accurancy and musical coherence. The Cello™ “ Limited Edition interconnect“ ensures optimum connection and strict control of the transfer of audio signals. We aim to achieve the highest attainable quality in accordance with application high-end audio standards and customer requirements. The conductors are custom manufactured by CABLE4YOU in Switzerland. Swiss engineered with medical and military standard is the best guarantee of top-quality and excellent performance. This excellent material with a mirror polished finish is made possible by the combined application of high technology and traditional Swiss standards. The GALLO/JET™ solid core conductors that CABLE4YOU Audio uses in its Cello™ interconnects is of the finest quality available to achieve the desired result. Solid core conductors are used instead of stranded to avoid the myriad of problems that can arise from the use of stranded conductors. Accurately designed diameter of the conductors reduces cable capacitance and it eliminates concerns over skin effect. Skin effect is the tendency of current to travel on the outside of a conductor as the frequency rises. Conductors used in Cello™ interconnects are well-designed AWG to eliminate any high frequency attenuation. If a suitably dimensional conductor is designed, the skin effect can be virtually eliminated. With its GALLO/JET® conductors, the Cello™ interconnects provides pure, open high frequencies with no sharpness or harshness and offers a natural, non-resonant tonal quality across the frequency range.

The cable dielectric, or material that surrounds the conductor, is extremely important. The dielectric is important because it soaks up and then releases energy as the audio signal flows through the cable. This energy transfer is a direct form of sonic degradation. CABLE4YOU has developed a sophisticated dielectric system Dissolid™(Discrete Solid Dielectric Signal Transmission Technology), that is comprised solely of specially designed Dyneon™segments and free air between the conductors. The Cello´s dielectric system Dissolid™ reduces sonic degradation to an absolute minimum.
A hallmark of all CABLE4YOU products is in rejecting all forms of interferences, especially RFI and EMI, additively causing a masking of clear detail. Radio frequency interference, RFI, is any undesirable electrical energy with content within the frequency range dedicated to radio frequency transmission. Electromagnetic interference, EMI, is any undesirable electromagnetic emission or any electrical or electronic disturbance, man-made or natural, which causes an undesirable response or degradation in the performance of audio equipment. EMI or RFI propagate through conduction over signal and power lines and through radiation in free space.
The Cello™ “ Limited Edition interconnects “ has new Dissolid/LineAIR™ technology for the dissipation of RFI/EMI. It is constructed of GALLO/JET™ conductors, Dyneon™ dielectric, and coated HG-OCCLC braided shield. HG-OCCLC braid shields and advanced Dyneon™ dielectric allow for great EMI noise rejection and minimal reflections. HG-OCCLC braid shielding prevent interferences of the complex harmonic digital waveform from EMI/RFI sources.
Because the presence of an outer multilayer screen increases the capacitance of the cable unnecessarily, Cello™ interconnects designedly do not employ a separate active multilayer screen. Whereas it, electromagnetically induced currents will cause distortion and noise in the cables, the Dissolid™ system structure is therewithal employed for shielding structure and provides excellent rejection of EMI/RFI noise.
The Cello™ “ Limited Edition interconnects “ achieves a new level of authencity in dynamic and frequency range. Its extremely low noise floor allows it to reveal harmonic texture and spatial information in ways more natural and compelling. You’ll discover new dimension of clarity and musical naturality. With CABLE4YOU Cello™ interconnects in your system, here’s a prediction:
On first play, you’ll be up all night as you rediscover your music. Cello™ interconnects draws you into the music by correctly presenting the harmonic structure and emotion of the actual musical performance. Cello™ interconnects will release hidden sonic capabilities of most audio systems. The primary goal is only the best possible sound quality.
Insulation: Dyneon™, Air
Construction: Dissolid/LineAIR™ (Linear Dielectric Solid/Air Circuit Technology) 
Conductors: 23 AWG, 34 AWG – GALLO/JET™ /HG-OCCLC 
Connectors: Gold plated , precisely machined