LessLoss recently joined efforts with Sven Boenicke of Boenicke loudspeakers fame, who has also been pushing the envelope of recording quality together with Serge Schmidlin of Audio Consulting exotic audio equipment fame. “Together we assembled the very best recording chain we could muster. Every little detail of design was brought to new heights of technical and musical achievement. The result is a double CD grand piano recording available now through Boenicke Audio.”
Formats available:
24 karat double CD … 74 EUR
Standard double CD … 38 EUR
Zipped audio file [file size 3.2 GB] for download … 11 EUR
Technical contributions came from all three companies.
From LessLoss:
– Over 120 meters of cotton-clad C-MARC™ wire, forming 8 channels of superlative microphone cable.
– A custom LessLoss Analogue to Digital converter circuitry based on bakelite circuit boards covered with thick pure gold by electrolysis. Absolutely magnificent noise floor with no parasitic peaks throughout the range and at every sampling rate.
– LessLoss latest Firewall technology used throughout, even for charging batteries!
From Audio Consulting:
– Custom microphones with wooden enclosures by Boenicke Audio, with output transformer using C-MARC™ wire in primary winding by Audio Consulting.
– Mic preamp using no capacitors in the signal path, and Audio Note silver tantalum resistors throughout. Volume control via silver wire transformer.
From Boenicke Audio:
– Conception, including choice of recording venue.
– Integration of all components into practical form factor.
– Choice of microphones and implementation of recording technique.
The recording itself
Recorded directly at 88.2 kHz / 24 bits. Mixed in real time and mastered by Sven Boenicke.
The recording features original compositions by the performer himself, Ingmar Flashaar.
“Ingmar Flashaar not only works as a channel when he plays music, he is also, in my honest opinion, the world’s leading piano technician. He adds layers of magic to any instrument he puts his hands on like no other.” — Sven Boenicke
Purchase your copy of this phenomenally high quality recording by contacting Boenicke Audio directly on