Chameleon racks Cable Isolation review

As a second part of second test instalment of Nikos Kostadimas Chameleon racks products it was now the time to focus on the Chameleon racks Cable Isolation. After the Chameleon racks Graphite Turntable Mat review here and Chameleon racks graphite turntable clamp and isolation feet in my review here one can get a good idea about what both graphite products represent. My conclusion was:

“In the spirit of 21st century vinyl playback Chameleon racks Graphite Turntable Mat comes as an elaborated accessory with interesting potency of performance shift. For the given price its more then worthy of exploring even by the hard core doubters.”


For some audiophiles and music lovers stepping into the high-end accessories world is already and exotic move. It took some good decade or more for some people to realise the importance of high-end audio cables and I see slowly the trend of accepting the high-end audio accessories into the more trusting mind set. 
If we look at any other industry and the importance they are giving to the dealing with micro vibrations, resonances and other resonating hubrises we can quickly realised how slow paced the progression and even more worrying, the acceptance of general crowd in high-end audio is regarding these. People are spending the fortunes on exotic and damping materials being used in the speakers and other high-end audio components, but fails to realise the potency and importance of high-end audio accessories, that often uses similar or even more elaborated materials. 
So what is Nikos Kostadimas take on the Chameleon racks Cable Isolation:
“The material is machined with precision and laser engraved. A light polishing gives it its final texture, while a light coat of glossy die gives it its final finish while protecting it from wear. Our Cable Isolation pads were machined after trying several Graphite varieties and experimenting with different qualities. The specific material was selected for our isolation products for its unique properties.”
Chameleon racks Cable Isolation looks like something refined coming from high-tech car or medicine industry. Special mixture, that Nikos already used in his other accessories works to the same degree here. As this takes many to the uncharted territories, let me try to get deeper into the heart of the matter. 
Many people might be able to handle turntable mat and even the turntable clamp as products. But cable isolation? For simple answer I would refer to any high-end audio show and upmarket high-end audio shop. You’ll always see some sort of cable elevators on the floor. Those were never sitting there just for the matter of aesthetics. Cable isolators works on many levels, that might seems as an esoteric take at first sight, but adds on at a little closer inspection. With high-end audio cables we’re dealing with many things affecting the sound. From resonances, micro vibrations, electro static discharges coming from carpets and surrounding materials etc. In some far out experiments outside of high-end audio it was proven, that even simple knocking on the cable produce measuring effects, that can affect the signal flow and transmission. On the daily basis medical, military, car, space and other industries are dealing with all these and spend millions of dollars for creating the solutions, that improve the signal flow and continuity. How can our high-end industry be in absence of such striving?
As with other high end audio accessories the result of audio or signal flow being affected its a bit more intriguing to formulate into the text at once. It takes time, yet its worthy. This is often connected to the sublime way we’re affected by the music and our mileage may vary on the level we might perceived it. 
In getting every bit of change for testing and reviewing, there must be a consistency and continuity. This means the implementation of repeated listening methods, that can brought out the evident results. Those can be of subtle or more pronounced nature. As with my past listening of Chameleon rack graphite products listening remarks and actual results were stacking up quite quickly. So called graphite DNA holds an intricate ability in revoking the emotional side of musical impact. Now what does this esoteric language actually means? It translates to the subtle changes in the audio signal. As we cannot measure yet everything happening not only on psycho acoustic side, but also technical one, we can take the empirical measuring method as used by centuries in a logic. And the listening and comparing brought positive remarks, that could be formed into he objective write up. These Chameleon rack isolation works and to the degree, that affects the performance and music with actual results. 


Any audiophile tweak, that brings the positive shift to the performance shall be welcomed with open hands. If the performance is brought to a higher level, then the law of diminishing returns can take a role. 
We finally came to the point where high-end audio accessories are being accepted and implemented without heretical conservative attitude. People are becoming more broadminded and they’re letting the new ideas and product into their mind sets. Nikos Kostadimas elevates again the graphite as material to the the plane, that positively acts in the musical reproduction. 


For those who want to take their high-end audio system to the level of balancing act Chameleon racks Cable Isolation offers a sublime and effective way to use them with dedicated speaker cables. Considering the cost of some of the high-end audio cables being used, Chameleon racks Cable Isolation comes as a cost effective addition. 
Chameleon racks Cable Isolation represent another Nikos Kostadimas take on the 21st technology being used in the service of high-end audio. The result is balancing, tempering and musical.  
In making any high-end or ultra high-end audio system refined and fine tuned we need to address so many little nuances. Chameleon racks Cable Isolation brings an effective sublime solution, that creates an subtle, but working progression. I would go even further and step down the ladder in my conclusion. If you’ve invested 200+ EUR into your speakers cables, then start thinking about these graphite accessories as both cable protector and effective audio accessory. 
Text: Matej Isak 


Chameleon racks Cable Isolation a made from exotic quality graphite material like all other company products but with different development.
This quality graphite is the most expensive in the world and the steps for develop are very difficult. Yet this Nikos Kostadimas approach.