Chameleon Racks Linn LP12 Sondek Ebony Plinth NEW

Our Love and Respect for Linn Sondek is no secret and we would not like to hide it. Having our selves for many years the legendary Linn turntable, and always trying to find the best audio results, we really took care the turntable with no limits in quality. We replace and try all the market related upgrades and we left for the end our upgrade: The Manufacture of one Linn Sondek Exotic Plinth.

Our goal was to keep untouched the sonic virtues of the original Linn which only the people who possess one can understand instantly. But we wanted also to give a character of acoustic renewal and balance, along with a quietness that never existed. Gentlemen we believe that we did it, and we are proud of our work.

We built the wooden plinth from original exotic woods chosen one by one, different variety in the bondages, and masif bottom with planted cones for immediate amortisation. Also, in the bottom we had the foresight to built it that way so that you can set the suspension without removing it. Τhe final finish is carved with wood oils in hand. Of course the arm board could not stay out of the project. The most important piece of the arm seating, which is also made from Indian Palissandre.

On the arm board with Laser Technology we engraved the Linn brand name and it looks as beautiful as it plays.
Linn Sondek LP12 everlasting music bond.
 In the photo above, the plinth is shown sitting on top of a 140mm Chameleon Shelf.
The Plinth is complemented by an also hand-made and laser-curved  indian Pallisandre  Armboard.
Usually dispatched within two weeks from the order confirmation.
Arm board price 350€
Plinth price        1150€
All prices is ex vat 23%