Intriguing french boutique high-end audio manufacturer A.Charlin is now offering his MiniS Amplifier as MKI & MKII version.
“The name of André Charlin reminds to the few who consider high fidelity as a passion that he was one of the rare engineers of the French sound to revolutionize the great principles of recording and musical reproduction. For André Charlin, reproducing music in an authentic manner consisted of the imitation of Nature and in particular, to respect the original sound in space, as he wanted to record and recreate identically. He wanted to use the technical devices in a way to record as naturally as possible, and to enjoy the emotion created by music. So we owe the invention of stereophony to André Charlin. He was also the first to create and to sell stereophonic records in 1949.

The Mini S Stereophonic Amplifiers perfectly respect the spirit of André Charlin because they ideally combine the quality of musical reproduction sought by his designer and the persistent idea that technology must comply with reproduced music. On the opposite, music does not have to deal with a technological compromise.”

Technical Specifications MiniS Amplifier
Operation class: B / D Sigma / Delta Push Pull Symmetrical
Sensitivity / voltage gain: 36 db 1,12 Volts
Rated Power: 2 X 260 Watts 8 Ohms 28 Amps
Frequency Response: 1Hz to 40Hz @ 1 Watt to 8 Ohms
Signal to noise ratio 126 db
Damping factor: 500 to 100 Hz
Unit weight with feet: 35 kg
ALBAT Revolution with dedicated chip amplifier MiniS