Chasing the ultimate purity and silent (r)evolution…

Chasing the ultimate purity and silent (r)evolution…
Well ultimate high-end audio sonic art is not a market to be conquered easily. You do have to bow down to the past masters and strike with the different agenda. For many high-end audio aficionados and connoisseurs high end audio comes almost as a holy pursuit. It belongs to sacred, perplexed and intuitive life’s finer quests, where high-end audio reproduction resolves as a combination of technical excellence and emotional surcharged experience. 
Beneath the perplexed, sonic anchor points based utopical world, there are particles resonating with variable intensities. Somehow frequencies correlates with our core being and if connected with the higher, almost transcendental, or esoteric take on sound, we’re closely connecting with the universe via endless vibration tensions, translating into what’s seems to be core of the string theory.
High end audio at its highest plane should act as autonomous technology, that relay on traditional values, but surpasses the  the uniform values. Especially with boutique smaller manufactures the orientation tension astray from the efficiency as epicenter and aims for the essence and ethics. 
For a fact, technocrat audiophiles wont take any risks into the unknown or unexplored territory, playing safely with their investments. Such a safe triggering comes with constraints, that on the ultimate plane reciprocate with the same results. You can hit certain threshold, but beyond that the Akiro Kursawa dreams like dreamscape is reserved for the brave ones. 

At the end of the day it comes down to the personal orientation and the divergence between safe and sound vs explorist’s nature.


The process or path for searching the ultimate transparency can become counter-intuitive for many reasons. 
In the era where’re we’re exposed to more open and high resolution systems the urge and strive for purity strikes one as  mandatory pursue. It also demands to take an objective look at what such purity stands for in the real world. 
Transparency in its core should open up the window to the music, becoming a via medium for receiving and deciphering the original music message as pure as possible. 
Conveying the frequency range over 10 octaves with a dynamic dynamic range of, let us say 130+ decibels to quickly becomes a fools errand for many products and manufacturers. 
We’re a sensible beings, with intriguing modus operandi still discovered by scientists. Its not an easy task to objectively standardize transparency to become an industry norm of some kind. At present high resolution high-end audio systems are becoming push forward agenda. In order to find a proper balance and believable reality many factors needs 
The ability to sync and harmonize technical par excellence with sonic nirvana is in the domain of very few audio designers. For a fact, its a luxury that not many brands can afford. Prolonged R & D and associated time usually cannot be covered with the initial investment, especially with the bigger brands. Paying monthly dues is something that many of present industry leaders are fighting with on the daily basis. When things are scaled around one man band or one/two more persons being part of particular venture, the 24/7 contemplating is the real luxury and asset of boutique high end audio manufacturers. 
So what is left for the bigger ones and consumers? The positive side of being in constant motion for the big names is creative momentum, that calls for much shorter intervals then with boutique manufacturers. This is why we’re seeing so many MK 2,3, etc. upgrades. Whole thing clearly reflects the car industry, where introduction of new, upgraded models is mandatory to survive. Considering, that manufacturer have to deal with 20, 30 and more employees, investing in new machines and technologies and repay to the investors or banks, such upgrade paths are to be understood and not condemned. 
As much as we need smaller, artisan like companies we also need the “industry leaders”. Both camps are pushing their agenda while trying to survive on the market. 
At rational level, there is no check that can cover such “investment”. On the good side, the customer benefits beyond penny for the buck. 


More or less I’m sure most of you already managed to decipher the red line. Great results comes as a result of life time pursue for perfection. Both smaller and bigger brands are trying to do their best in advancing and offering something different. Perhaps, big boy more through the investments in machinery, new technologies and artisans with prolonged part to part testing, prolonged 
The silver lining transcribe into the objective progression, that is these days to often overlooked by outside. I, for a fact believe that we’re living in the times where high-end audio flourishes like never before. 
It might not be the easiest time for manufacturers, distributors and dealers. Well, its not easy either on the consumer side with the effects of the globalization affecting the budgets. Still, we’re witnessing sort of silent (r)evolution with so many new products, new companies and technologies forward thinking technologies finally being introduces and implemented in our beloved music machines.


Consequently, there’s no doubt that the throne of purity is being chased in one way or another. The only problem with pushing the high performance is keeping the tension between transparency purity balanced. As with digital photography. We do want more in depth look into the details, but not for the sake of loosing the vibrancy. 
For that clear focus is needed. What makes me happy and encouraged is the positive wave in the industry. Even some of the bigger brands and their owner after years and decades are finally figuring out that the essence is needed. Not sure, what’s the exact reason for these changes of hearts, that are happening even with the brands I never would expect to do so. Perhaps maturity and as said before some sort of ethics. 
Music has an incredible potency to affect humans and being exposed to it for so many years surely affects the minds and hearths of even the most stringent species.
Matej Isak