Chisto Das Klang Digital Cable Upgrade

Chisto ® improved its Das Klang Digital cable line based on “Vintage DNA inside” technology with Bocote wood connectors’ shells. 
Das Klang Digital Cable is maybe the best cable you can buy for your money. 50 years of careful cable meditation brings its results. 
KLEI Harmony Phono/RCA Plugs are really perfect but we decided to update its plastic shell due to following reasons:
• Absolute non-magnetic properties.
• Extra vibration control.
• Elevated aesthetics on par with 50 years aged materials for a product that will last for generations.
Bootee wood is almost hard as Ebony used in signature Das Klang Richter line and rich in texture. Shells are carefully hand made by selected artisans specialised on custom guitars.
This update is our tribute to all Das Klang aficionados.
Das Klang+ comes in any length packed in custom Carpathian cherry box that can be used later for keeping small audio accessories.

Chisto ® is a registered trade mark.