CHORD CPM2800 MkII integrated amplifier NEW

Chord Electronics’ new CPM 2800 MkII ‘digital’ integrated combines the latest Hugo and 2Qute FPGA technology with Chord’s legendary proprietary amplification technology (£6,690).  Chord Electronics has thoroughly updated its hugely popular ‘digital’ integrated the CPM 2800, to MkII status. The new version adds the FPGA-based D/A convertor from the award- winning Hugo and 2Qute DACs, to create an amplifier of unrivalled flexibility. 
The 120-watt aptX Bluetooth-enabled CPM 2800 MkII offers class-leading specification, outstanding technical measurements and proven sonic performance. It brings the latest Rob Watts’ proprietary DAC technology into an affordable high-end Chord amplifier and introduces the same high-performance Spartan 6 FPGA that has enabled Hugo to redefine the DAC genre in 2014. Its DAC stage boasts astonishingly low distortion levels of 0.0003%. The Hugo/2Qute DAC stage within the CPM 2800 MkII offers support for up to 32- bit/384kHz audio via BNC coax and USB, and 24-bit/192kHz over optical. DSD64 is supported on all inputs and DSD128 is supported via coax or USB (all via DoP). The amp features a Class 2 USB input which has been galvanically isolated for greater sonic performance; this has been achieved using a novel technique which allows for very high data rates of up to 384kHz; the input is driverless on Apple and Android devices, with (ASIO included) drivers for Windows devices. The CPM 2800 MkII also offers wireless connectivity via Chord’s high- quality custom-designed aptX Bluetooth receiver, which uses a very simple pairing procedure and has a range of up to 30 meters.
A large, easy-to-read front-panel screen, which is a departure from traditional Chord amplifiers, shows input type and volume information and can easily be seen from a typical listening position. Further features include four heavy-duty gold- plated binding posts, remote control and Chord’s legendary aircraft-grade aluminium chassis and casework. 
The CPM 2800 MkII’s power is delivered courtesy of Chord’s award-winning proprietary ultra-high-frequency power supply, which has the ability to store energy far more efficiently than conventional designs. The technology gives the amplifier section enormous reserves of instantly delivered, precisely controlled power, which is capable of taming even the most demanding loudspeaker.
For home cinema compatibility, an A/V bypass input is incorporated, so that the CPM 2800MkII can be used in conjunction with an A/V processor without the need for a separate amplifier.
CPM 2800 MkII product specification
Preamp section
Unbalanced inputs: 3
Balanced inputs: 2 (3-pin female XLR inputs both with RCA phono-style input sockets wired asymmetrically in parallel)
Digital inputs: coax (support for up to 32-bit/384kHz); TOSLink optical (24-bit/192kHz); galvanically isolated Class 2 USB input up to 384kHz; DSD64 supported on all inputs, DSD128 supported via coax or USB input (all via DoP)
Wireless input: Bluetooth aptX and A2DP
AV bypass: 2x RCA phono-style inputs
Intermodulation distortion: -100dB all inputs
Signal to noise ratio: -93dB all inputs
Frequency range: 2.5Hz – 200kHz (-3dB)
Harmonic distortion: 10 Hz –91dB; 1kHz –93dB; 10kHz –90dB and 20kHz –87dB
Channel separation: 10 Hz –90dB; 1kHz 90dB; 10kHz 90dB and 20kHz 85dB
Channel balance: 0.01dB
Input impedance: unbalanced 47kOhms; balanced 94kOhms (Line 1 and Line 2)
Power amp section
Output power: 120Wrms per channel @ 0.05% distortion into 8 Ohms; 170Wrms per
channel into 4 Ohms
Dynamic Headroom: 180Wrms per channel into 8 Ohms; 220Wrms per channel into 4 Ohms
Frequency Response: -1dB, 0.8Hz to 46kHz (8 Ohms); -3dB, 0.8Hz to 77kHz (8 Ohms); -1dB, 0.8Hz to 39kHz (4 Ohms) and -3dB, 0.8Hz to 75kHz (4 Ohms)
Signal to noise ratio: better than –103dB, ‘A’ weighted two thirds
Channel separation: -80dB
Output impedance: 0.03 Ohms
Output inductance: 2.6mH
Output connections: 2x rhodium binding posts
Slew rate: 70V per S, 1kHz 20V square wave
Gain: 23dB
Stability: unconditional
Dimensions: 420mm (W) x 355mm (D) x 133mm (H)
Weight: 16Kg
Price and availability
The new CPM 2800 MkII is available now. Price: £6,690