Common Wave

An updated shot of half of the Common Wave showroom. “If you are in LA and love music, they’re welcoming you to visit.” Brands: “Marten, NAGRA, DeVore Fidelity, E.A.R., Harbeth, Technics, Simaudio Moon, NAD, Graham Audio, DALI, Totem Acoustics, REL, JL Audio, Kuzma, REGA, E.A.T., Pro-Ject, Arcam, Dr. Feickert, Quadraspire, Parasound, Bluesound, Okki Nokki, Shunyata Research, Rogue Audio, Klipsch Heritage, Okki Nokki, Kimber Kable, Soundsmith, Hana, Ortofon, Koetsu, Musical Surroundings, Yamaha, Sound Anchors, Box Furniture Co, Symbol Audio, Common Wave Custom, as well as many other fine brands…”

Hours –

Sunday & Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Saturday – 10am – 6pm