Cryogenic Treatment Increases Performance!?

Audio Group Denmark writes: “An oldie but a goldie. Cryogenic treatments has been a thing for a long, long period – but not everyone agrees when it was first used. Some says it started around the 1930’s, other says it goes back to even before Christ.”  

However, the concept seems to have been more or less the same over the years. Cooling to extreme temperatures has always been the key element in this process.

Extreme cooling of materials in different fields?

While some has used cryogenic chambers to keep human corpses conserved, they are mostly used to enhance the capabilities of tools and materials.
Chefs from all around the world have been using this process to strengthen the durability of steel knives and kitchen tools, used widely in everyday professional cooking. The automotive industry has been using it to cool down parts of – or complete engines, to create a working environment, where working with these huge materials would be easier. Hospitals and health clinics has been using it to cool down both living matter for easier and safe transport as well as medicine.

Why we used it for Hi-Fi equipment?

We have used cryogenic treatment in our product development since we discovered the positive properties of this method, regarding the auditory result.
A selection of elements in our Ansuz products, the handcrafted Børresen driver units and all the metal components of several of our loudspeaker models undergo an in-house, specialized cryogenic treatment, where they are subjected to a cooling process lasting 72 hours. In the wake of this process, the crystal structure of the metal contracts more and more, while the alloying elements are pushed out of the grain structure. Hence, the metal becomes very similar to a monocrystal. These structural changes have a profound effect on the audio properties of the metal, which will cause a significant increase in conductivity. This makes a truly natural and crystal-clear sound – the outstanding feature of our loudspeakers and audio equipment.