And more exotic and esoteric realms from CS Port, Japan. The 212PA tube power amplifies are based around the 212E and C3g tubes and they use hybrid (switching/analog) power supply to deliver 40Ws per channel…

“The problem of inevitable noise in the switching power supply has been solved by experienced engineers with 40 years of  experiences in the switching power supply design.”
“You can not escape distortion as long as you use an amplifying part. The countermeasure is whether to use a device with good linearity or how to reduce the number of devices. For the first stage of the two-stage configuration, we use a highly reliable, high linear C3g vacuum tube developed by Deutsche Telekom. The amplifier uses only C3g on the input and 212E on the out, suppressing the harmonic distortion and the intermodulation distortion.
Type 212PA
Method Input transformer Built-in class A Vacuum tube power amplifier
Constitution Input trans – C3g 3 tube – FET driver – 212E tube – Output trans
Output 40w (Load impedance 40Ω · 80Ω)
Frequency 20-40kHz -3dB/20W
Total harmonic distortion THD 1% typ/40W 1kHz 0.2% typ/10W 1kHz
S/N ratio 90dB / 10W 8Ω
Input sensitivity 1V / 40W
GAIN 25dB / 8Ω terminal
Input / impedance RCA 1line 1.5kΩ
Volume By front volume
Dumping factor DF Over 5
Speaker output 4Ω / 8Ω terminal
Power supply AC100/120/200/240V 50,60Hz
Power consumption 400w
Size 188W×385H×563D Knob,SP terminal not included
Weight 24.5kg
Finish Silver alumite and precious rosewood veneer
Accessories Rhodium plated AC power cable
Warranty period 5 years (excluding consumables) registration is required