Cube Audio Nenuphar Etc…

Parmenter Sound writers: “My new Audio-antiquary Wood preamplifier has arrived after a long trip from Bulgaria with pre Christmas / New year freight delays. I have installed in my studio system yesterday afternoon to match with my Lampizator Baltic 3 DAC, AirTight ATM-2211 mono amplifiers and the Cube Audio Nenuphar loudspeakers.” 

“SME-30/12A turntable with AirTight PC1 Supreme cartidge and the Pass Labs XP-27 phono stage.
Thank you Misho Myronov.
Audio-antiquary – Art of Tube Sound. 
The Wood C3M vacuum tube line stage preamplifier. This pre amp was created to be an invisible part of the system, it will not influence the sound of your system – well, it will, in a most natural and transparent way.  Frequency range 10 – 40.000 hz within +/-1dB deviations.  Amplification factor for my new preamplifier will be 8 to 9dB from the standard model with 6db of gain.
Khozmo precision attenuators. 
The design is only one stage, triode, no negative feedback, output transformer pre-amp. Based on a beautiful German Post tube C3m, probably the last generation of the best tubes built ever. It’s triode connected pentode, powerful enough to provide 1w of output power. 
But the real heart of the pre amp is its output transformer. 
Misho spent 1 year designing and prototyping it, until he was absolutely happy with both – measurements and sound. It’s double c-core based, Hi-B silicone steel, and its core can be safely used in a 10w pp amplifier. 
Point to point wired with pure copper cable with the shortest signal path optimisation. 
  • Ez80 or Ez81 rectifier tube. 
  • Siemens C3m Vacuum Tube. 
This tube famed as “perhaps the best small signal pentodes ever made…” Built exclusively for the German post, these are special quality – 10,000 hour pentodes for use in AF and RF circuits. They were used in repeater amplifiers for long distance telephony in the 1960’s. The lowest noise and lowest microphonics plus very high amplification was accomplished with this ULTIMATE preamp tube.