“Dear music lover and friend, now the time has come: your preamplifier is eligible for the big upgrade. Your instrument will be erected at the new NHB-18NS level of performances, as it was permitted by the original design. We are proud to bring you this significant elevation step 10 years after the first commercial release, giving your beloved NHB-18NS an entirely new rejuvenating cure.This upgrade program will only be factory-direct made. The only thing you will to do is handling forth and back shipping. Do not hesitate to contact your dealer or directly us at factory for more details. We will gladly assist you, just in case. 

Upgrade pricing policy. All prices are based on the following prerequisite:

Upgrade program steps offerings (shipping back and forth not included): 
Step One: CHF6,500.00
Basic upgrade Step Two: CHF10,000.00- Step One included
Step Three: CHF12,000.00 Steps One and Two included

Upgrade program steps explanation:
A.Step One i.
New front plate, including: 
a. A fully redesigned micro controlled circuit board with a new CPU, reuniting all control functions on a same and unique layout.
b. A new, gorgeously minimalist display with its 24k golden plated glass, indicating volume level, as well as giving access to several menu layers for enhanced features like volume presets, source sensitivity, battery handling, etc.
c. A new Pleasure Control encoder, with unprecedented feeling, with magnetic detents guided by a custom-made ball bearing bridge, for ultimate smoothness.
d.A new infrared receiver (IR) for much wider reception angle and improved sensitivity, allowing for better comfort when using the remote control.

ii. New battery technology inside:
a. After more than three extensive years of testing different type of batteries, we retained LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) chemistry.These batteries are the very best for audio purpose since they offer a very low output impedance (tighter bass response), very low self-discharge rate, they can allow for thousands of cycle charges, they cannot explode, and they are quite compact. No more battery aging hassle. And the day you will need to replace it, the new compartment and connector will help you doing this in a breeze.
iii. Main audio board modifications:
a.Existing transformer coupled XLR outputs are replaced by active balanced circuits, for more linear frequency response (read: no more phase shift, improved slam and greater transparency).
b.Entirely revisited end modified key components to fully integrate the new LiFePO4 in terms of current charge, thresholds, and so on.
c.New silver wire cabling from main audio board to input cards, for additional, global sonic improvement.iv.XLR input VI cards are replaced by new, fully active interface for matching new XLR output performances.
Step Two, comprising step One, plus:
i.Existing phono stages are replaced by our latest, state of the art phono stage version 8. Higher gain up to 72 dB, more comprehensive set of loads, Neumann 4th pole disable option, even lower noise floor, and a smart, newly designed rumble filter.All features are controlled by a microprocessor for perfect “zero contact path” yet without the need to play with an iron solder any longer.
If your existing preamp is equipped with two phono inputs, you could choose either if you want to get one or both inputs upgraded, at an additional cost.if you have one phono input and need an additional one, please ask for the various optional choices.
C. Step Three, comprising step Two, plus:
i.External power supply will be replaced by our newly designed one.The new version does not only look closer to the preamp itself, it also has bigger current capability for faster charge, cooler operation and higher efficiency. Last but not least, the sound is improved even when in charging mode during listening sessions.When choosing Step Three, we will need old power supply back. If you want to keep both power supplies, just let us know and we will figure out the additional cost.
Note:In case you would want to skip Step Two simply because you do not listen to vinyl, then Step Three will cost you CHF 8,500.00.