dc10audio GOTTENBURG ODIN ultimate horn speakers update

Here is the latest exclusive update on the dc10audio ODIN GOTTENBURG ultimate horns in solid silica bronze with gold finish. The massive horns have been quite a challenge and have taken well over a year to develop. Take a look at real production pictures and a massiveness of this utmost take on the hour horn loudspeaker…

The first hurdle was to make a perfect 3D model which needed to be 6-7% larger than finished product to account for shrinkage in the casting process. The first models were turned in wood but this proved impossible and so we set out to have the model made with 3D printing which also seemed impossible due to the large size of the horns. Several 3D printers in the USA could make the model but it would need to be in 18-24 separate pieces and the cost was very high with no guarantee that the pieces would glue together correctly in the end we found a 3D printing company in Chicago that works mostly in the Automotive industry that said they could print the Horn in 2 pieces and could fuse them together perfectly; this worked very, very well indeed.

The Second hurdle was to get all the perfected tolerances to carry over into the casting this would prove to be very difficult too. We chose Santa Fe’s World renown SHIDONI foundry for the casting: Tim Harman SHIDONI’S foundry manager said that the project was really daunting and that they had never attempted to make such precision parts and said in art sculpture there is quite a bit of wiggle room and you can hide flaws in the folds of the sculpture but the exacting nature and smooth finish of the horns and solid bronze mounting hardware would be very difficult and he was correct! The horns had to be re-cast several times until they got them right. Tim also noted that it will be much easier for the future horn production that they have it all “dialed” in now and they are excited to be our partner in Gottenburg production in the future. 
Horns and solid bronze hardware with perfect fit.
Perfected Horn shape made possible with models made from 3D printed plastic.
Gottenburg cabinets 
The cabinets are made of special void free ply + Medex panels and then finished in ribbon sapele and wenge wood. The pictures do not show the incredible internal reinforcing members and thickness… you could literally park a truck on them though it’s not recommended.
Gottenburg stands 71” tall nearly 6’ 
Sorry Clay they’re taller than you! The low profile cabinet makes for more cabinet volume with less wasted space and an easy footprint. Gottenburg will work in smallish to Grand sized rooms alike.
Gottenburg uses a large 80cm 31.5”wide-band woofer 
The hand-made woofer operates from 15hz-1000hz and works in a co-axial arrangement with the full range driver that is mounted within the horn a hidden horn super tweeter augments the top of the frequency spectrum from 6khz to nearly 100khz This co-axial arrangement makes for perfect point source imaging along with truly wide-bandwidth.

Horns and resonator frames available in gold rose-gold or silver finish.
Gottenburg’s bronze metal work can be finished in: yellow gold, red-gold, or silver with or without the dual Norse sea dragon ingots which conceal the Alnico horn super tweeter. 
More to come. Stay tuned…