dc10audio L’ Instrument Grande Voix Retro speakers NEW

dc10audio’s proudly presents all NEW L’ Instrument Grande Voix Retro speakers. Here is first preliminary info and pictures…
The Horn:
Exponential horn aspect ratio optimized for critical listening positions. The horn is constructed of a special wood composite of Italian poplar layers sandwiching a rare Port Orford white cedar layer in the centre. Port Orford cedar comes from a small area on the Oregon coast, is one of the rarest, most coveted tone woods on earth — very few people even know about its existence — and it is only procured from trees that fall by nature (no living trees are cut down). The horn’s poplar-cedar composite material has the perfect “tap tone.” 
Like all dc10 loudspeakers, the Grande Voix Retro uses our proprietary horn loading, and in this case, a full-range driver is mounted inside a bass-horn. Additionally, both the inside and outside flares of the horn are utilized. The top outside works with the hidden horn tweeter mounted behind the horn, and the lower outside section of the horn further augments bass while reducing off-axis distortions. 
The Cabinet:
The well-braced cabinets are made of a composite of Apple ply brand void-free plywood and Medex panels (similar to MDF but water- and mold-resistant). The foundation or base is separate from the cabinet and joined with a semi-hard or firm membrane that somewhat decouples the speaker — let’s say it is a very firm decoupling, and the rubber leveling casters further decouple the loudspeaker, if needed for hard tile floors.
As in all dc10audio speakers, a tonewood resonator is employed. The Grande Voix has a dual resonator mounted on the back of the cabinet, similar to Kabuki.
Wood choices include American Walnut, North American maple (shown), African black wenge, Zebra or Sapele wood.
Horns and base can be in:
Just off white
Near black 
Chinese red
Orange cream
lime green
36” x 22” wood composite wide aspect ratio bass horn  
8.85” inch full-range driver with Neo magnet
Horn super tweeter with AlNiCo motor
21” wide-band woofer with Neo magnets
Exclusive back-mounted tonewood external & internal resonators
6N solid core copper + 2nd run in 6N silver all in cotton dialectic
Minimal crossover, no circuit boards
Beeswax paper stacked copper foil capacitors
Cabinet in heirloom woods(See wood options)
Bandwidth: 18 Hz-40,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 99 dB
Impedance: 8 or 12 ohms
Overall size: 50” high x 26” x 21.5” deep (Horn 36” X 22”)