This is both the smallest and most exotic of the three DECWARE Zen Master Series Loudspeakers. It uses Lii Audio Crystal 10 drivers (retail $1400) in the hardwood baffles. To make it work, DECWARE paired them with a ZROCK2 vacuum tube equalization unit to correct for the 10 inch drivers lower Q. The sound is also adjustable in both the bass and the treble with the tube EQ stage. This model is also 100dB 1w/1m and requires only 2 DECWARE watts in most rooms.


  • Crossoverless design.
  • Uses a single 10 inch full-range driver.
  • Only one voice coil directly connects to your amplifier.
  • A real 100dB 1w/1m loudspeaker.
  • Made from your choice of solid 8/4 hardwoods. 
  • Comes with a zero-feedback class A tube equalizer (model ZROCK2)

The price of these non-refundable custom speakers is solely determined by the particular hardwoods that you choose.
These prices are based on actual board feet cost of the lumber (smaller number) and subject to change at any time.