Delta Audio Titan II turntable NEW

DELTA Audio ”Titan II” will be presented at Munich 2015 high-end Audio Show. Here is the preliminary info:    
Aluminum layered chassis, mass 34 kg.
Platter : made of Aluminum 8,6 Kg with 8 st.steel shafts. 
Bearing : hybrid philosophy magnetic repellency and loading of platter on ceramic ball. Phosphor bronze for sleeves and 2 types of st.steel for roller ( Hardened and Polished ). Made of full CNC machining, with accuracy in microns.
Flexible arm board with possibility to place tonearm 9-12in. (PSD 208 – 305). Optional can be customized for any tone arm available in the market.
Belt drive – Dc motor with amplifier -Separate power supply.
Manual or auto speed control. controlled with very high precision speed of up to 0.1%.
Turntable total weight :47Kg.