Denon 100M turntable aka Digital EMT 927

Our friends audio16 boys further insights on the Denon 100M turntable backed up with few more pictures:
I am just testing a Denon 100M, some 35 years old. In fact it is a very well made professional machine. The unit is in an immaculate condition. Not many where shipped to Europe with the special Denon PS/Trafo for 220V. The arm is well suited to the table, it was designed from scratch as a closed system and very fine one at that.
It only came with the 100M. The 100 had no arm shipped with and no lift and other electronic settings on the board. When I went on my quest I asked around a lot beforehand. It seems to me very few people know what the 100M is. Also I really like Denon products, they’re or were a really great product. On this 100M you see a very special Denon 103 in a brass body especially tuned by a good friend, some 4 years ago. I am still in the testing phase but what I can say is the 100M with its surprisingly good arm provides an absolutely stunning sound. I will build an extra arm pod then beeing able using my other arms finally comparing with the Denon tonearm. It looks like the 100M is the Digital EMT 927.