Densen B-130XS integrated amplifier NEW

In the last years, the Densen B-130 has established it self as a formidable music performer, which has received recognition and awards all over the world. Latest it received the prestigious Diapason D`Or Now Densen upgrades the B-130 significantly, and rename it the B-130 XS.
The qualities of the B-130 is intact, but Densen has worked on all parts of the B-130XS.  Densen B-130 has always had the option of adding a FabelDAC DA Converter board internally in the amp. However, in the B-130XS this feature has been enhanced, and the B-130XS is prepared for the fortcoming top of the line Densen internal DAC. This DAC will have USB, Toslink and Coax inputs, and a highly advanced DAC and analogue stage. The B-130XS can control this DAC directly, by either the Gizmo remote, or by the pushbottons on the frontpanel of the B-130XS. When the super DAC is installed, the front panel display of the B-130XS will inform of which input is selected, including the DACs digital inputs will be mentioned in the display. 

Normally Densen products can be upgraded to newest version, however with the B-130XS it is not possible, since the mainboard is redesigned, with new interfaces for the DAC. But it is still based on the classic B-130 design.

The B-130 XS has had numberous small tweeks done in the sonic department, that all will enhance the overall experience of the amplifier, and make the listening pleasure even better. 
The B-130XS comes in Densens traditional sleek fascia, showing only 8 small pushbuttons on the front. These buttons allows for the control of the standby function, input selection, volume, status and processor loop (and possible build in surround board).
The B-130XS is based on a blend of Densens reference products; the B-275 and B-350. The B-130XS Uses key element of them all, to create a package that belies its price, and make true high end available at a price and quality, which has to be heard to be believed.
One of Densens key forces has always been design of integrated amplifiers, and the B-130XS is no exception. Even though the B-130XS carries on such a  powerful legacy, the cabinet is a very slim and beautiful classic Densen design. It comes in either Albino silver or black with chrome or gold buttons.
This resembles the Densen Super Leggera products, which are ultra lightweight amplifiers. Since the B-130XS contains the huge and heavy powersupply, it cannot be named Super Leggera, as this is reserved for Densen products, where the powersupply is in a separate cabinet. However, it still have many of the caracteristicas of a Super Leggera design, including the ease, dynamics, control and musicality associated with the Densen Super Leggara line of products. 
Do not be fooled by the very minimalist design. Under the hood, the B-130XS is filled with the advanced solutions and features that have previously been seen in Densen products. At the same time the B-130XS is upgradeable and expandable. 
The pre amp stage of the B-130XS has a power supply of 30.000uF and 3 separate supplies. The entire pre amp stage is based on the B-275 reference pre amp. Most competitors use digital volume IC’s to control the level. These digital volume IC’s have a lot of drawbacks, because they have a very complex signal path, that thereby degrades signal quality and are often made using FETs which is notorious for poor sound quality. Actually the only real advantages these microchips have, is that they are extremely cheap. Densen will not compromise on sound, and as such Densen uses the ultimate solution; their own microprocessor controlled relay attenuator, which secures a very short signal path, the least interference with the signal and virtually no self induced noise. This attenuator does not compromise on precision since it has 200 steps where each steps accounts for 0.5 dB. This means that you can adjust the volume to the exact level you want. No more channel imbalance at low levels, no more difficulties hitting the exact listening level you require. The attenuator is also the reason for the distinct click from the relays you hear as you adjust the volume and it is a definitive sign that Densen use the advanced relay driven attenuator instead of cheap inferior technologies. The click is your assurance that Densen does not compromise!
The power amp stage of the B-130XS is based on the basic design of the B-350 power amp. The B-130XS delivers 2x80W into 8 and 100W into 4 ohm. As always with Densen, this is a conservative rating. The power supply has 4 supplies and 60.000uF for the output stage, and totally 7 individual supplies, and 90.000uF in total. 
The circuits of the B-130XS have all been designed with no feedback (neither global nor local) and it delivers the first few watts in pure class A. All resistors are Vishay 1% metalfilm resistors. VIMA capacitors, and Densen’s own high speed capacitors deliver the power supply. The printed circuit board is a double sided Teflon board which ensures an effective separation between the ground plane and the signal path. This is also the most efficient way to create an ultra short signal path. 
B-130XS does have a wide range of upgrade and expansion possibities. It is possible to install phono boards for MM (DP-03 MM Board). B-130XS has two sets of pre outs so it is easy to upgrade with further power amps for bi-amping or tri-amping. Ultimately you can even add an electronic crossover (SAXO) as the B-130XS has a socket for this inside, and use the Densen B-130XS as the heart in an advanced active system. 
The B-130XS is prepared for intelligent communication with other Densen products through the DenLink system. Furthermore you can upgrade the sound quality with the DNRG external power supply that will add extra power to the pre amp stage.
The B-130XS can be further expanded from being a dedicated high-end stereo amp to be a very simple yet extremely well sounding surround pre amp. Basically you plug in one of the two new surround boards. These boards are not as much a technological breakthrough as they are a genius feature. The surround boards are a 5.1/7.1 line in and a 5.1/7.1 pre out. There is no processing capability so you will have to add a SACD or DVD-Audio / DVD-Video player with 5.1 analogue output. Levels and so on and can be adjusted via the Gizmo. Then you just need to add a B-340 (4 ch power amp) and then you are ready to enter the world of home theatre. 
Finally the B-130XS has the option of mounting an internal DAC, which will be released around june.
The B-130XS is hand assembled at Densens factory in Esbjerg, Denmark. The PCBs are as always from Densen manufactured using surface mounted devices. Densen has been using this technology since 1994, which naturally gives a technology edge, as the technology has only lately been implemented by many other audio manufacturers.
All these highly advanced solutions have only one goal; to ensure that the B-130XS is the ultimate in musicality with an unprecedented level of opportunity for upgrading and expanding. This is a no compromise construction. We expect that the B-130XS, just as with the B-100 and DM-10, will become the absolute reference, not only in its price class but for any integrated amp…
The expected retail price for the B-130XS will be around 3000 Euro.  
As usually this Densen product will come with a lifetime warranty for the first owner.