Diesis Audio Aura speakers review

Made In Italy!? If I can shoot out straight and pick up among the speakers, that screams out I’m Italian in the best sense of the word then Diesis Audio Aura speakers for sure belongs to the upper strata. They look like they’re just came from the Milano high-end fashion week with the aura that radiates in pure Italian power of aesthetics ingrained into the Giuseppe Gabbarini masterful creation. I’ve had a chance to take a closer look and lots of dedicated listening time at my Diesis Audio Mono & Stereo dedicated event (here), getting to know Giuseppe and his venture. His passionate work captivated my mind and heart. I feel really privileged being so close to Italy and working with the people who projected and implant their love and passion into their fully hearted creations. As I’ve stated often… Any product is a consequent reflection of a designer and Diesis Audio Aura reflects so intimately Giuseppe vision of musical reproduction. 


The Diesis Audio Aura must not be considered as a reduced version of the Caput Mundi, but as a new speaker from Diesis that inherits all of the technological innovations from the Caput Mundi model in a cabinet whose weight and dimensions are reduced in order to make it capable in smaller spaces
of holding up the standards of the flagship Diesis speakers. The body is in CLAD 58 and finished in beautiful eco leather. The low range uses the same 12’’ woofer cut to 200 hz, for the midrange it uses a 10’’ transducer without limitation in the low end and cut high at 1800 hz to make the intersection with the high frequency more natural and precise.
One-inch compression horn loaded transducer cover the medium and high frequencies. The exponential horn is made of ABS and fiberglass to all for excellent sound diffusion. The best components are used thorough, such as the Mundorf silver gold condenser. The superb engineering, the unique topology and the choice of only the best materials and components available allow the Diesis Aura to be an absolute reference beyond its price range for its dynamics, realism, transparency, articulation, coherence and involvement.


Let us for a moment dedicate a bit more time to Clad 58, that is essential to the Diesis Aura speakers:
The clad 58 was used for the creation of the mobile equipment, a conglomerate made up of our formulation mineral dust and special resins used in liquid form within a ‘single mold’ at the time of solidification, which ensures excellent rigidity and damping well over wooden furniture or the like. That with their vibrations disperse very sound level that a dipole can return.) The light load wf on the front horn improves the efficiency of the noise in the medium low and medium range contributing to the sonic realism.


  • Design: Dipole floor.standing speakers
  • Cabinet: 58 clad covered in faux leather coated
  • Front baffle: Corian in various colours
  • Single speaker weight: 47 kg
  • Woofer: 12-inch cut at 200 Hz
  • Midrange: 10-inch cut at 1,800 Hz
  • Tweeter: compression driver
  • Nominal impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 93db 
  • Frequency range: 42 Hz to 23 000Hz +/- 3dB
  • Dimensions: L: 41 cm, Depth: 30 cm , Height: 114 cm

The combination of compression driver horn and dipole mid/bass drivers unite them into a seamlessly sounding coherent speakers. Compression drivers have a clear advantage over the traditional tweeters, that are easily deciphered on the first notes strikes. Diesis Audio used this to Aura advantage and brought the highs into the sphere where there is (for non initiated) the abrupt absence of typical “kalote” flare, glare and typical dynamic compression hubrises one can easily hear even with the implementation of most exotic tweeters. 


In all situation it felt that slight toe in and golden triangle setting worked the best for the Auras positioning. I’ve also noticed, that they work better being at least half to one meter away from the rear and side walls. Each room is of course the story of its own but it seems that a bit of distance from all side and background walls is universal in application. 
Lots of people are reserved with the lower register playback of dipole based speakers. Have no worries regarding this with Auras. Bass is fast, focused and feather like, but its not the last word in the whooping thunderstruck. For the ultimate bass freaks and impact one can always add the dedicated subwoofer to matched the performance of some closed box flagship dynamic speakers. Still, listening to the live recordings of double bass revealed the intricate nature of Aura. They can vividly repaint the structural and timbral correctness of the instruments. For me believability comes before any fake amaze effect and this is where Auras managed to seduce without switching on the flickering complexity of the left brain hemisphere. What I’m trying to say is that they can palpable evoke so many anchor points that create a viable emotional illusion of the real event. 
This comes evident with the real referenced musical material, namely live acoustically recorded music. With the vocals, acoustical instruments and other live performed music Diesis Audio Aura speakers shows its real potency; the stressless, lucid reproduction of un-amplified musical events without additives. Interestingly, this all helped in making Audio Tekne tube amplifier seems working jointly with Auras for a such light feathered and senseless musical energy transfer.  


I’ve described my first deeper encounter with the Giuseppe and Diesis products in my introduction above. I’ve seen and listened to the speakers few times previously at different high-end audio shows, but never really found the time for in depth experience. At last Munich high-end show we finally set the dates for a meeting and everything moved forward quickly. At my second dedicated listening I was invited in Milano (here) for a private listening session with Diesis Audio Aura speakers driven by Forte Vita electronics (plus digital source) and using V.Y.G.E.R. turntable as analog front end. 
You could say, that I was a bit sceptical upon seeing the domestic living room in Milano. I wondered… Will Auras really managed to “control” the room and fill it up with the full sound scape? But! Upon few notes strikes and half due the first song my mind was at ease. I did hear Auras before, but this  time the listening room was in older large Italian apartment with heigh ceiling and a lot of space. This is were the Auras nature came to a fruition. Its dipole design filled up the room with spacious, harmonious and well controlled sound. Driven by the wide array of Forte Vita electronics my positive impressions just started to pilled up after going from entry level Forta Vita range preamplifier/amplifier and ending with the reference line. Forte Vita and Diesis Audio Aura partnered really soulful and jointed the strengths of each particular product. Intriguingly and additionally few watts of Audio Tekne tube integrated amplifier performed with much integrity and with  recognised natural sound impact. It couldn’t drive all the songs songs to the full potential but with acoustical material sound reproduction was lively and really stand out. They matched more then causally. More, they locked in synergy that I don’t come across too often. 
It was interesting to hear both solid state and tube amplifiers showing the best of the Aura under quite demanding situation. Both Forte Vita and Audio Tekne are in their own class and not surprisingly Aura find the clear match for their capability. 


Diesis Aura speakers are for a change designed as the true chameleons when it comes to projecting the wide array of musical genres. There are quite few great and stand out speakers in the market but they are narrowed to a dedicated genre of music. As strange and as wicked as this might sound, there is really to many of so called high-end speakers out there that are designed and focused to the sole musical labelling. And that is plain wrong in general sense. Yes, you cannot expect the rock stadium levels and the energy of some dynamic speakers with Auras. Its logical. Yet, with Dieses Audio Aura speakers you’ll get the real tone, timbre and colour of the instruments that resonate with what I would call the real timbre DNA related to the actual instruments. To often with the dynamic speakers, we’re experiencing that itchy, compressed sound pressured sound, that might be impressive at the first listening. After few songs or good hour of music intake, these initial impression morphs into the hectic reactions to the music. If I have to choose between the dynamic impact of the typical closed box, bass reflex speaker and the open baffle, dipole speaker like Dieses Audio Aura there would be no second guessing for me. Aura, brings much more to the table of real the high-end music reproduction. The augmentation is of a completely different nature and value. Some closed boxed speakers can achieve the similar effect, but never likely at the level of open baffle of dipole speakers. The sense of stressless musical reproduction, that Auras can bring is a huge step above the most typical and so called high-end audio dynamic speakers. 
Among others Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass recordings are always a great test material for any speakers real world challenge. When it comes to the subject of painting the reality, that should bring us closer to the actual musical events, raw jazz guitar and vocal is a great reference and merit of any high-end audio speaker. 
Diesis Audio Auras managed to bring and keep the liveliness, spirit and musical interaction intact in the transfer. We’re still arguing about the importance and winning title of high-end components, their cruciality and positioning in the hierarchy. There are a lots of different facts for making any high-end audio component the most important and of top most credibility but there is no doubt about speakers being the first and lasting contact with the listener. Loudspeakers are the direct musical energy forwarders and reiterates the importance of the directness of interactive sound exchange process. Diesis Audio Aura speakers act as via mediums in their endeavour. And they do set the bar very high with the performance.   


Diesis Audio Aura speakers are luxurious but not frivolous. They are  quintessential without being snooty and ostentatious. Dedication to aesthetics makes them a true Italian audio jewels with the lyrical language output. 
Diesis Audio Aura speakers are clearly the product of love for music and industrial design. They encompass the Giuseppe life’s work and passion for the best musical reproduction. Auras embrace the elegancy with the musicality carved into the grand versed product closely correlating to the real sound and life like nature. 
Auras need a little time to set properly, but when pin pointed at the right spot and distance the real enjoyment and journey begins. Inherited by the design take, they offer a stressless and enliven portraits of the music. I always love to refer to the emotional exchange that must happened at some level of high-end audio reproduction. Actually! Calling any speakers high-end carry a lot weight. And this is a must at the level, that holds a reference status. Without replaying the music on the plane where the bridge between real live events and music being reproduced is well hidden there is no real value of giving any high-end audio labelling. 
This is something that high-end audio industry is missing out in a grand way and something that was left loose by many high-end audio magazines and reviewers globally. I’m not saying that I’m bringing the revelation and being a messiah of some sort. I’m simply trying to point at the attributes that made sense in the past and should again play the leading role at the present and in the future. In order to keep our society and industry on the right path and at the right quality level we need to bring back the real references and objective remarks for giving out the status of high-end products. These naming and awarding should not be given out like free coupons for shopping best deals. No the quasi artificial technical terms and specs is a clear promise for such a product of high-end audio value. 
In the constitutional primal state we should never talk about the technicalities for the sake of technicalities. Nor should we contemplate with such mind set! They do matter, but must be subordinate to what matters the most. The music!
As such Diesis Audio Aura speakers breaths with the energy that makes music such a miracle. They are performing on the level of believability and emotional change that clearly invoke that senseless feeling of greatness and positivity happening with the experiencing music in person. That is quite a compliment for any speaker coming from my side and Diesies Audio Aura speaks clearly won my heart with its both aesthetically and musically stand out aura!
Text: Matej Isak
Price: starting from € 24.800,00 for pair and depends on actual finish.

• Design: Dipole floorstanding speakers
• Cabinet: 58 clad covered in faux leather coated
• Front baffle: Corian in various colours
• Dimensions: L: 41 cm, Depth: 30 cm , Height: 114 cm
• Single speaker weight: 59 kg
• Woofer: 12-inch cut at 200 Hz
• Midrange: 10-inch cut at 1,800 Hz
• Tweeter: compression driver

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