E.A.T. F-Note Tonearm

E.A.T. writes: “The E.A.T. F-Note tonearm has a cardanic construction with four ultra low friction pinpoint bearings. The top version of the tonearm features a super hard diamond mirror for the bearings. Exact tool-less adjustment of VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle), VTF (Vertical Tracking Force) and azimuth for each cartridge meets the standards of the most demanding listeners. The precision of the adjustments is brought to perfection by a laser diode, that indicates accurate settings.” 

“A huge and massive base isolates the tonearm from any vibrations produced by the turntable itself. Easy and fast! The E.A.T. F-Note is a wonderful tonearm with great sound, super look, touch and feel.” 

Technical Information

  • effective tone arm mass 21.4 grams
  • effective tone arm length 304.8 mm
  • pivot to spindle distance 291.6 mm
  • overhang 13.2 mm
  • offset angle 18°
  • max null point 125 mm
  • min null point 251.7 mm