The EMT JPA 66 preamp with integrated Phono stage is the ultimate masterpiece of EMT’s hand-crafted Jubilee series. It has been carefully optimized, in actual use, with professionalism and feedback from sound engineers, music lovers and other specialists. The JPA 66 offers an all tube signal path from input to output, employing only dedicated Audio-Triodes. It accepts 4 Phono- and 2 line level inputs. Outputs are fully balanced and floating on XLR or single ended on RCA. 

Almost every type of record pressings (vintage or most up-to-date, Mono or Stereo) can be compensated easily, rapidly and correctly. And the JPA66 can be used with virtually any phonograph cartridge and is capable of driving nearly every tube- or transistor-power amplifier, for accurate, dynamic music reproduction. It’s strictly functional and pragmatic appearance indicates EMT’s long-standing heritage in supe- rior quality, engineering and performance.
The JPA66 MkII is available in 2 different color versions.