Entotem Plato music sever – player NEW

Plato is a sound investment and excellent value for money. It delivers high quality performance and allows you to store existing music collections in different formats to be played as often as you like in different environments – different rooms in your home playing separate tracks and formats, and the ability to access films as well as music.
Plato is a stylish, sleek and attractive system providing ease of use and will prove a sound investment that will meet all of your home entertainment needs.Bring your current music collection to life by storing existing vinyl, CDs and tapes on the unit. Vinyl can be played by connecting your existing deck to Plato, recorded in 24 Bit/192 kHz hi-res sound quality and saved within the memory or moved to a USB for mobile use.

Complementing user experience is the integration of Gracenote. Your music can be accessed quickly as the track/album artwork is displayed on the front screen either when a track is playing or during a search.

You can build your library of recorded vinyl, cassette, video and other music/audio formats and save to the ample 2TB built-in hard drive.Plato can store DVDs/film formats (converted on a PC first and then transferred by USB to Plato) which can then be either played through a TV using a direct HDMI connection between the TV and Plato or streamed to a tablet or Smart TV using your home Wi-Fi network.

Streaming over the internet is available, played through the Plato product (internet radio, Spotify), and you can also access YouTube music videos and view or listen through your TV, tablet or mobile.
Plato can easily integrate with other DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) systems, such as Sonos, to provide different music in different rooms around the home. The Plato system is complementary, not competitive.Built on the Android platform and therefore scalable, new developments and upgrades can be “pushed” to users who can build on the investment they have already made, rather than having to buy new equipment.
The Android OS (Apple iOS supported in future) means there is no need for using separate remote controls, as control of the Plato system is through touch screen, with a companion Android app available allowing the user to choose what is being played and in which rooms..
Four music-loving entrepreneurs and additional shareholders have invested heavily into developing Plato, a high-specification home entertainment system which will revolutionise the streaming and enjoyment of music and video in the home. This new system connects with existing HiFi equipment such as vinyl record, cassette and CD players, TVs, and DVD, Blu-ray and video players. Plato automatically records from legacy analogue devices and then replays at the highest quality – enabling record, CD, video and DVD collections to be stored together, in just one place.
Entotem MD Martin Boddy touches on Plato’s innovative features. “This is a unique premium product with the potential to be a game changer. Plato re-imagines home entertainment and represents more than 10 man-years of research and development. Designed as a media management system, it complements the equipment already in the home and particularly enables people with a record collection to enjoy their music with more flexibly and at a high resolution of far superior quality to the alternatives currently available.
Plato has in-built track recognition while recording with a touch screen, and shows the track, and even album, artwork. Music can also be compressed into an MP3 and played in the car. The ability to store Blu-rays and DVDs effectively makes this a movie library, and using industry standard protocols, it is possible to stream your music and video around the home, to devices you probably already own, maximising connectivity.”