Eon Art Squark SE Amplifier

Eon Art writes: “This is the Squark SE, a version derived from the Squark amplifier and bringing it closer to its big brothers the Quark and the Boson. Its architecture based on a stereo hybrid circuit offers a tube preamp stage and a tube power supply, paired with a 208w RMS amplifier section under 8ohms transistors.

It offers Duelund and Mundorf signal capacitors, Kiwame and Amtrans resistors as well as a cabinet designed around 4mm aluminum plates and Soundcare feet.
The volume control is based on a technology specific to Eon Art using resistors controlled by transistors and the transformers are shielded models of the Toroidy brand.

In addition to a more refined aesthetic, it brings a great musical improvement compared to the basic Squark for the price of $ 27,000 cad which positions it at nearly a third of the price of its big brother while keeping the characteristic of the brand to offer an extreme neutrality.”