Epos Loudspeakers Re-Birth

When FinkTeam first had the opportunity to buy EPOS from Michael Creek around 2020, Karl-Heinz Fink was not sure. The brand still had a lot of loyal followers, following the ideas of Robin Marshall, who founded the brand in 1983 and who tried making things in a different way from what was called the traditional British way, defined by the famous BBC influenced constructions. 

In the words of Karl-Heinz 

“Honestly speaking, I was not really excited to follow some rules that were used in the 1980‘s. That was when I started my journey in HiFi and hey, I think I learned something in the last 35 years that I wanted to use! So I was close to letting it go when I found an interview with Robin Marshall, made many years after he sold the brand and moved on. Obviously the interviewer wanted to get confirmation from Robin that all he did was magic. But Robin‘s answer was completely unexpected. Not only did he walk away from loudspeaker development, he also said clearly that he did the speakers based on the ideas and know-how he had at that time – not more and not less. That sounded like my way…..trying to stretch boundaries and not copying the past. So I made the deal with Mike Creek and this was the beginning of the new EPOS story. I was joined on this path by my old friend David Jefferys who had been Sales Director for Epos and Mordaunt-Short when they were both part of TGI plc in the 1990’s.”

The first new model: ES-14N

Restarting EPOS could only mean re-creating the most famous model, the ES-14. This was a 2-way speaker in a fairly big cabinet and classic looking cabinet, to be used on a stand that could be made for it.

The launch of the new Epos ES14N, the first of a new Epos loudspeaker range, will be at the High End Show in Munich, 19th to 22nd May. You’ll find the Epos booth at A4.1 E121. Full details of the new speaker will be released on or before May19th 2022.