At the 20th anniversary, French high-end audio company ESPRIT Audio is proudly presenting new Lumina Signature cable line.

This hybrid version, positioned between Lumina and Ultimate Range GAIA is handmade and implements the best materials/parts like; pure copper plugs, 40 microns silver plating (usually 0,5 and 3 microns being used for other manufacturers)

“Optimal reference conductor is the copper with 100%, 107% for silver, and only 67% for gold! Even oxidized silver is better than the other materials…”

Every Esprit cable range comes as a result of continuous and methodic search for the best conductors and insulating components with the goal of creating the best products. All cables are submitted to the most demanding tests during all the processes of the manufacturing.
“We use Kynar, Viton, Silicone and air insulator. All Lumina Signature are polarized with lithium battery.”

The objective: assuring the best flow of the musical signal with highest loyalty from the original recording.
Our philosophy: forget about the cables and all the technology and discover all the wealth and the music subtleties … In all simplicity.