ETALON Solo multi-format digital preamplifier

ETALON Solo is a company latest remote controlled multi-format digital preamplifier housed in a nonmagnetic cabinet with wood front. It spots 1 x Ethernet input for PCM 16-24 bits, 44.1-88.2-176.4 and 48-96-192 kHz standard audio formats and DSD (DoP protocol, single data density: DSD64).
3 x S/PDIF inputs 24 bits 192 kHz
1 x HDMI standard input
1 x I2S input 192 kHz 24 bits 

Compatible software devices:

2. Squeezebox (Logitech Media Server)
3. Airport (Apple iTunes)
2-channels audio only, balanced fixed outputs, 
or optional RC-volume control: 0…- 63 dB in 1dB steps, accuracy 0,1dB
Output current: 7 mApp per output
Output voltage: 1,1 Vrms at 10kohms load impedance
Remote control code: 278
Cabinet size: 444 x 115 x 470 mm (W x H x D)
Mass: 11 kg net, 22,5 kg packed in standard wood-box
Packed size: 700 x 200 x 690 mm