Feastrex Insights

秋山幸仁 – CEO/Owner at Feastrex writes: “Feastrex’s 100% permendur spherical magnetic circle (Naturflux) was made, and we worked hard. Naturflux has the lowest magnetic distortion in the world and is made of materials with the highest magnetic permeability, so it works straightforwardly, and you can hear the roughness of the amplifier, excitation power supply, cables, and so on.” 

“The tube amplifier, excitation power supply, attenuator, etc. are equipped with custom-made transformers that use Teflon for the fine metal core.
However, there was room for improvement in the phono equalizer and amplifier, so I requested a new circuit design.
The amplifier is to be a CV4055PP monoblock, but the cost of making the transformer alone will probably exceed 1 million yen.
I plan to build a super-luxurious high-end amplifier with as many circuit configurations as I can imagine.
The FINEMET transformer core is also custom-made, and delivery will take about three months. Without skimping on engineering or budget, you can build a resounding amplifier!
Feastrex’s Naturflux is worth doing so much, or if you do not do so much, it will not show its true value.”