Feniks Audio (based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland) is very pleased to announce that the ESSENCE active sound system, the world’s best computer speaker system and world’s smallest high-end monitor, is finally shipping!

The ESSENCE first became known to music fans following an excellent review (and Blue Moon Award) from 6moons.com, and, shortly after, another great review on digitalaudioreview.net. In 2016, Matej Isak gave the ESSENCE a Highly Recommended Product award, and the mainstream tech press followed with a favorable review on theverge.com.

The ESSENCE was offered directly to customers in April 2016 thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where the project successfully raised nearly CHF 100,000 from 110 backers on 6 different continents. A further 19 customers purchased the system during a pre-order campaign. Originally estimated to ship in the fall of 2016, after the campaign completed it was decided to upgrade the internal DAC from the ESS ES9010 DAC chip to the superior ES9018, which necessitated a redesign of the board and rewriting the firmware from scratch. The high quality standard we set for components also lead to manufacturing delays. As unfortunate and frustrating as the delays were, the end result is a substantially better product than was originally promised and, we believe, worth the wait. 
The first shipments are already being delivered to customers, with more being sent every week. We have also recently relaunched our website with e-commerce functionality, where the ESSENCE is available to ship worldwide for CHF 1600 (approximately EUR 1435 or USD 1670).  
After the long journey to bring the ESSENCE to life, it’s incredibly rewarding to hear the positive comments from customers, which makes it all worth the effort. It has always been our intent to make quality high-end audio accessible to a larger audience, both in terms of price, design, and ease of use, and in that regard especially the ESSENCE is undoubtedly a remarkable success. We’re very proud of what has been accomplished against the odds on a limited budget. 
A huge thank you to our customers, investors, and fans, who believed in the product and have been remarkably patient during the duration of the production process. Without them, the ESSENCE would not have been possible. In the weeks and months to come, we look forward to building more of our beautiful speakers to ship to the homes and offices of customers throughout the world. 
Ted and Robert Kwolek
Feniks Audio