Fern & Roby The Beam Tower Speakers

“The Beam delivers the dynamics you’d expect from a full range speaker, while delivering the imaging and accuracy of a mini monitor. At just over 90db sensitivity, The Beam is equally at home with moderately powered tube or solid state amplification.”

“We believe in the use of first order cross-over networks in our speaker design due to their phase accuracy and allowance of maximum efficiency. Impedance correction circuits have been added to both the woofer and tweeter sections of the network that dampen resonant frequencies and impedance anomalies. Careful experimentation has allowed us to find the “sweet spot” in each driver, maximizing midrange accuracy, power handling, and off-axis response curves.

The Scan-Speak 8” driver that we utilize is a small miracle due to its ability to play quite deep in the bass region yet still play very accurate mid-range, allowing for a seamless integration to a 1” tweeter. Boasting a cast-aluminum frame, fiberglass composite core and rubber surround, all at an astonishingly high efficiency for a high-end 8” woofer. 
The Seas aluminum dome tweeter we have chosen is unique in that it does not use ferro-fluid to cool and dampen the tweeter. We feel very strongly that the use of ferro-fluid ruins the micro dynamics of a tweeter. The magnesium/aluminum composite, its Sonomax surround and rear chamber for lower resonance allow for a very accurate driver that is very conducive to a 8”, 2-way design.
The system as a whole has unusually deep bass response for an 8” two-way design. The QB3 vented alignment offers maximum bass extension and efficiency. Driver selection and network design allow us to present a very coherent mid-range, due to the woofer playing accurately in the upper mid-range frequencies and the tweeter playing accurately in the lower frequencies.”
Overall Impedance: 4 ohms
Overall Efficiency: 90.5 db 1w/1m
Maximum Power Rating: 200 watts
Nominal Power Rating: 150 watts
Frequency response: 35-20k hz (+/- 3 db).