Final Audio Model 15 Reference Speakers

Final Audio Model 15 Reference flagship electrostatic loudspeakers from Netherlands. 

Highest Resolution Possible

Final electrostatic loudspeakers have significantly lower distortion than conventional motor-driven cones and domes. The combination of low mass, high speed, and instant acceleration and deceleration, reproduces the audio signal as close to perfect as any speaker ever has.

Inspiring customizable design

It seems that the audio industry trade press and the Society of Industrial Designers think these speakers are pretty cool stuff. We think you will too. You can customize these panels the way you want.

Dutch Design and Manufacture

Final is founded in 1989 and made in The Netherlands by a dedicated group of physicists and engineers who also happen to be music lovers and home theatre fanatics.


  • Frequency response (+/- 3db):45 – 23.000Hz
  • Horizontal dispersion:20°
  • Sensitivity:88 dB/2.83 volt (1 meter)
  • Impedance:4 ohm; 3 ohm at 20 kHz
  • Panel:203 (height) x 36.6 (width bottom) | 30 (width top) cm
  • Footplate:40 (length) x 42.9 (width) cm
  • Weight:18 kg each
  • Transducer:Super linear electrostatic transducer
  • Recommended amplifier:30 to 200 watts per channel / 4, 6, or 8 Ohm compatible
  • Components:Custom-wound C core transformer, polypropylene capacitors
  • Inputs:Custom 2-way binding posts