Flux Lab Acoustics Tube Power Amplifiers.

Flux Lab Acoustics writes: “Is it possible to get the most natural, rich, and dynamic amplifier sound? Yes, if you are able to find space for two such monoblocks weighing more than 50kg! These monoblocks have been designed to work with loudspeakers and could be also an outstanding addition to the most hard-to-drive headphones such as Susvara or Abyss.

Of the key features

• Hashimoto output transformers
• The power supply does not use electrolytic capacitors
• Without feedback
• High-quality element base – Amtrans resistor AMRG series, Takman resistors REX series, Mundorf capacitors Supreme & MKP series, Edcor chokes, Obbligato Oil Film Capacitors, CMC collet type tube sockets, PSVANE Mark II premium grade vacuum tubes, Neotech wiring and etc.