FM acoustics 155 MKII R preamplifier NEW

As it is quite an unobtrusive little unit, not everyone realized that Munich was the “soft-launch” of the new FM 155-MKII R.
“The FM 155-MKII R was used in the XS-IIIB system which received absolutely amazing reactions – people were awestruck how the XS-IIIB system driven by the small FM ACOUSTICS’ electronics (122-MKII – 155 – two pairs of FM 108’s mini amps) using a Vertere turntable can extract so much beauty, dynamic and emotional content of music.

The “R” of the FM 155-MKII R of course stands for “Remote control” – a feature that was asked by many a client. 

But by incorporating new technology pioneered in the larger preamplifiers, the FM 155-MKII R also is a nicely advanced version of the original FM 155.”