FM Acoustics in Robb Report

“Analog media, like the vinyl LP, is to digital music files what mechanical watches are to quartz. But unlike movements powered by an oscillating crystal, which are demonstrably more accurate than their traditional horological counterparts, music playback is arguably most realistic and satisfying when a tiny phonograph needle glides through a spiral record groove.”

Zurich-based FM Acoustics is a 45-year-old company firmly committed to the finest, Swiss-made high-fidelity audio, with equipment that has earned a reputation among both professional recording studios and audiophile circles for being some of the most musical and accurate in the world. Like Swiss national treasure Patek Philippe, the electronics manufacturer is committed to artful design, engineering precision, and a build quality that eschews compromise.

FM Acoustics 70-watt 108 MKII monoblock amplifiers ($23,600 per pair). 
Courtesy of FM Acoustics
New components in the Resolution Series bring FM Acoustics’ ultra-high-end cachet within reach in a small, streamlined configuration, while presenting the same ultra-detailed, natural sound signature of the brand’s larger gear. A complete Resolution system is composed of the FM 155 MKII line stage preamp ($18,750), 70-watt FM 108 MKII monoblock amplifiers ($23,600 per pair), and an exceptional phono stage, the FM 122 MKII linearizer ($15,975). Like the finest watches, the exquisite exterior casework hints at the superior parts within. Combined with a top-notch turntable and loudspeakers, these FM Acoustics electronics open the window to a refined and immersive listening experience.
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