Fonolab Lounge Denon DP-80 custom turntable

Fonolab Lounge – Japanese analog audio heritage custom turntable project for a specific client with two arms. He wished to have Denon direct drive turntable model DP-80 (completely after service) and two types of tonearms: dynamic and static. For the dynamic they have chosen the classical tonearm Micro Seiki MA-505 and second the original static model -long tonearm SAEC WE-308SXL. 
More on this tonearm under the links below. As a result they created a universal turntable which has plenty opportunities to upgrade and at the same time does not require complicated settings.
Fonolab Lounge are currently working on a new project which will be based on the DD motor SONY TTS-8000

More info about SAEC WE-308SXL: