Frank Sinatra The New Recordings

If you’re a Sinatra fan — and who isn’t — chances are, you’re not all that familiar with his repertoire from the 1940s and early ’50s, that he recorded for Columbia. That’s because even though these tracks were done when Frank was in the best voice of his life — before a million cigarettes and an ocean of booze took their toll — the songs were recorded in mono. After Sinatra left Columbia for Capital, the songs remained in the vaults for years, unheard and forgotten. When they’ve been re-released, on a couple of pricey boxed sets or cheap CDs, they’ve been mastered to supposedly sound authentic to the era: one-dimensional, like AM radio.
But despite what the so-called purists insist, mono is NOT a natural sound. It’s NOT the way you would have experienced the music had you been present in the studio when Frank Sinatra recorded it.
So, using the tools of the digital age, the producer selected some of Mr. S’s best masters from this period and polished them to a new patina, lifting his voice so you can hear it with more clarity and warmth. Then, some world-class musicians have been brought in to play the same charts, note for note, as were on the original orchestrations — only this time in STEREO. 
These tracks have been transformed into something almost magical; they now sound like Frank just recorded them today. They are rich, detailed and ALIVE. It’s like the difference between watching an old b&w TV with rabbit ears versus seeing a gorgeous color picture on a high-def set. The result is a very revolutionary and stunning CD unlike anything else ever released on Frank Sinatra.
Fans who think Mr. S only became great in later years will be surprised by how well he sang early on, handling very sophisticated material with such clear intonation, nuance and feeling.
NO Sinatra fan should miss hearing him before there was a Rat Pack, or he became a Vegas casino act and the Chairman of the Board. These 18 STEREO tracks present Frank Sinatra AT HIS BEST! Includes 8-page booklet featuring fascinating liner notes, rare photos and more! (Click icon above for track listings).

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