Generation Audio Battleship 180W Class A Monoblocks

The Battleship Monoblocks and Stereo Version are unique reference standard power amplifiers, they consisted huge power reserve, great driving and controlling capacities, best effects are obtained when driving any kind of speakers with clear and distortion free sound.
Battleship series adopts advanced circuit, the voltage stage has two groups of constant current sources, one for emitters and other for collectors, power stage has extraordinary symmetric rectifier technology with eight windings toroidal transformer to provide extra low impedance power supply, it helps to obtain better dynamic of sound.
Compare with the Stereo version, the mono version keeps all advance designs of it and has further refinement including differential and current mirror input stage with peak level stable circuit, to prevent abnormal input signal and interference, the correct amount of negative feedback is added to ensure stable operation and extent frequent response, although the gain will be lowered slightly but the beneficial of NFB is more than suffers, this is the reason corrected NFB application is still dominating amplifier design.
You should feel the sound of Mono Block version would be more improved with lively, smoother and greater micro dynamic. It is because the Mono version has independent precise voltage and power stages helps to get larger dynamic, wider and precise sound stage, Battleship Mono version has more powerful driving ability to handle any difficult load impedance condition of speakers

Power Supply design of Battleship

The heart of Battleship is power supply section, this is foundation of all amplifiers and critical affects the final quality of sound. The power supply of Battleship concentrates in eliminating induction distortion by large current flow from power supply. Audio industrial knows that distortion like THD can be measured at very low level but cannot fully eliminated it. Distortion can be caused by high frequent noise feed from AC source and induction of electric field in amplifier that can causes distortion in high frequency, the layout of wiring and circuit broad arrangement of Battleship are careful designed and considered any induction source and interference may affect the sound quality, the one piece cage formed by non magnetic metal cut from a large block of aero plane grade solid aluminum material which ensure low induction distortion.
Power output stage
The output stage of Battleship, unlike common fixed bias design, it has unique tracing bias circuit to ensure no cross distortion in any output level, when the load impedance tends lower, the output current gets higher, some Class A amplifier became shifted from best operation point and hence distortion will be rose, in the Battleship we selected wide linear operation range, high speed and power transistors with identical parallel configuration, we called matrix array parallel connection to form a very low output impendence output stage, we spent a lot of time to find the best Damping Factor value with many listening and equipment tests connected different speakers, the goal is best sound and music enjoyment, the Battleship let us closer to perfect.

Specification: Model – Mw02

Power output: 180 watts per channel
Output impedance: 0.2 ohm (20Hz-20KHz)
Frequency response: 5Hz-45KHz ( +0/-0.15db )
T.H.D.: 0.01% 
Input sensitive: 800mv@60w/8 ohm
Input impedance: 47K ohm (RCA), 10K ohm (XLR)
S/N: 105db (20-20KHz)
Main voltage: AC 110V/220V (50Hz/60Hz)    ± 3%
Power consumption: 1000W
Dimension: 490W x 580D x 280H (mm)    
Weight: 80KG