German Physiks Emperor Mk II Speakers

These German Physiks Emperor Mk II omnidirectional loudspeakers are finished in mahogany high polish veneer.  The four omnidirectional carbon fibre DDD drivers on the front of each loudspeaker are flat from 180Hz to 24kHz and phase linear across their operating range.  They are mounted on a beam which can be moved back and forth by a motorised actuator.  The listener can adjust the position of each array from their seat using an infra-red remote control.  As the DDD drivers cover almost the entire audio range, moving them is essentially the same as moving the whole loudspeaker, but much easier, as each Emperor weighs 425kg.

The woofer system uses four x 6-inch drivers and the sub-woofer system uses two x 12-inch drivers.  This takes the low-end response down to 18Hz. The Emperor is designed to be tri-amped and is supplied with our DSP-X active digital crossover.