German Physiks Loreley

A pair of new German Physiks Loreley loudspeakers, destined for a customer in Poland, is measured in the German Physiks listening room. A PQS-302 loudspeaker can be seen in the background. 

At the front of the Loreley are four German Physiks omnidirectional DDD drivers. These cover the frequency range from 180Hz to 24kHz. This wide frequency range avoids the discontinuity created by the mid-band crossover point found in most conventional loudspeaker designs. The Loreley’s bass system takes the response down to 21Hz. The maximum output level is 120dB, which combined with the very high speed of the DDD drivers, provides excellent dynamics. The Loreley is a 2-way loudspeaker designed for active use and is supplied with a German Physiks Emperor DSP-X digital crossover.