When I play music I like in my tiny studietto I feel me like I connect to something non-terrestrial, mysterious, beyond beauty.
Being there is like going to the temple and the audio system isn’t gears, anymore, but a shrine and a connection to this alternate world of beauty where no priests and masses are necessary to connect to the God of Music.

Why am I writing above lapalissianities?

Because something really happen to my mind and whole being: my heartbeat and breathing changes, when I enter my music room, tired or annoyed or angry from my daily job amenities, everything better focus and is scaled down to its real weight and importance vs. my very own life.
I feel that only a few miles above our heads there are stars and planets and zero Kelvin temperatures and silence… maybe it’s why I so much love music and silence among notes…
It’s a cosmic bond to where we all live and come from, the universe and its fractal rules, where an orchestral fortissimowith tympany and thundering drums are like a storm or an asteroid falling on the Moon surface… where a strings pianissimoor a theremin or an e-bowed guitar sounds like the soundtrack to a satellite orbiting around our planet Earth… or the whooshing of our most inner, secret mind-chatting.
Everything’s beauty?
Some free-jazz sounds to my romantic, flawed ears like a samsara – i.e. men fighting for nothing, wars, suffering, screaming hungry kids in Sudan, violence and  assorted nasty human habits of sort…
Music can really be much MORE than entertaining, dancing stuff!
Titles, both in rock, popular and classical music are a suggestion coming from the composer/artist… they sometime hint to what the musician saw when writing/playing the score.
Colors, moods, emotions can only be barely suggested… everything is very personal and private.    
I still fondly remember a maybe 12 years old me playing the fantasy-game with my younger brothers – i.e. a tune was played on the stereo and we were inventing short stories or images or characters behind the notes…
… and as my mom was saying: “If someone loves music, flowers and animals cannot be bad at all.”
I fondly agree…
Stefano Bertoncello