GRUENSCH Reference Linestage MSL and Reference Phonostage MCS II+ NEW

GRUENSCH presents the Reference Linestage MSL and the Reference Phonostage MCS II+ as special highlights at HIGH END 2015 in Munich.
In addition to legendary and well respected products such as the Stereo Amplifier CSE II second edition and the Reference Phonostage MCS II, GRUENSCH presents the Reference Linestage MSL and the Reference Phonostage MCS II+ with variable equalization curve as special highlights at High End 2015 in Munich (Exhibition hall 4, booth C08).
Since 1998 worldwide unique, highly exclusive audio components are designed and built by GRUENSCH with careful manual work. In the south of Germany, Eckhardt Gruensch and his son Oliver create audio components for music lovers with ultimate standards.
Reference Linestage GRUENSCH MSL
The Reference Linestage GRUENSCH MSL sets new standards at the heart of the playback chain. 
For lifelike music reproduction, innovative technology and exceptional technical characteristics are a prerequisite, not an end in itself. The unique, purist GRUENSCH PURE J-FET ZERO FEEDBACK technology in pure Class A, in conjunction with the innovative volume control and the GRUENSCH CONSTANT CURRENT powersupply, creates a profound musical experience that you would otherwise only expect from the original live performance.
Explosive dynamics and perfect peace, striking resolution and warm, glowing tones, overtones and harmony – The Reference Linestage GRUENSCH MSL lets you get closer to the music than ever before.

Reference Phonostage GRUENSCH MCS II+

Reference Phonostage with variable equalization curve
The previously unfilled dream of many music enthusiasts and record collectors can now be fulfilled: The GRUENSCH MCS II+ phonostage lets you enjoy any record ever published with correct equalization and in the best possible sound quality. To do this, the Reference Phonostage MCS II has been enhanced with variable equalization curve that is unique in every aspect – GRUENSCH MCS II+. 
Like the MCS II version, the MCS II+ phonostage makes use of the new GRUENSCH J-FET CURRENT AMP technology. This is characterized by “permeability” that has been unachieved so far, which doesn’t add anything to the sensitive, emotionally thrilling music signal, and doesn’t leave anything out. In connection with the GRUENSCH CONSTANT CURRENT power supply technology, even the high demands of pampered music fans are exceeded.
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