Gyrotension VEGA Audio Vibration Isolator NEW

DC Son of Nasotec Corporation just sent in the info about all new Gyrotension VEGA Audio Vibration Isolator. Review samples are on the way to Mono & Stereo. Stay tune for hands on experience of these interesting new isolators. More info and pictures after the jump…
The Gyrotension Isolator is the ultimate resonance/vibration control device that employs the most precise and absolute resonance/vibration absorbing, dissipating and eliminating function.  The Gyrotension Isolator is the most effective device for the vibration from the outside. One of them is “Ground-borne vibration” and universally accepted as one of the major reason for the variability in the performance of audio equipment.  However tiny a vibration may seem to us, it will affect huge impact to the hi-fi audio signal processing systems.
Vibration in audio equipment is a serious problem that can’t be ignored. If you remove it in any way you can improve the sound more than you can imagine. It makes very firm, disctinct and deep bass level. Mid-range is very smooth and detailed and no irritable and aggressiveness in high frequecy range. Clear, firm and wide sound stage mean that  it’s getting close to the natural sound. 
[Features & spces]
-Floating type vibration isolator by radial symmetry silicone ring structure.
-Adjustable tension setting by the number of rings.
-Double vibration isolation design by silicone rings and 3-point support ceramic balls
-Radial symmetry ring design absorbs, diffuses and dissipates all kinds of vibrations more effectively.
-Precisely machined duralumin body and hard anodized top plate.
-The number of silicone ring layers: Small – 4 layers (48 rings), Large – 6 layers (72 rings)
-Height adjustment range: 20mm(0.79 inch).
-Size(Diameter*Height): Small – 60*40 mm(2.35*1.57 inch), Large – 79*47 mm(3.11*1.85 inch)
[Recommended load]
-Small: 12kg/each (36Kg (79 lbs) for 3-point supports)
-Large: 18Kg/each (54Kg (119 lbs) for 3-point supports)
[Ring tension]
Recommended: 250g (0.55 lb)/each
[Recommended tension adjustment by applied loads]
(Assuming 3-point supports and large 6-layer ring Gyrotension.)
Under 9Kg: 1 layer
9 – 18Kg: 2 layers
18 – 27Kg: 3 layers
27 – 36Kg: 4 layers
36 – 45Kg: 5 layers
45 – 54Kg: 6 layers
*You can adjust the tension by the number of rings and arrangement.