Harberth Super HL5 plus speakers?

It was interesting to revise my impressions of Harberth Super HL5 plus speakers few days ago. They might not be the last word of definition, speed and transparency as a fake norm being pushed in past few years. Yet, they offer something (to some extend), that most of contemporary “diamonds” are fail to deliver. Namely the timber, the tone and the colour. Many audiophiles and music lovers still prefer these qualities of real music over quite opposite smartly masked, big bucks marketing invasively  promoted and highly praised speakers. 

Harberths are not my end choice of speakers, but its honest to say, that they can surely bring some things very right and conclusive enjoyment to many. Do note, that super HL5 plus can be tricky and quickly sound to bright or pushed forward in highs. Anyone in consideration will have to play around with suitable combination of amplifier and speaker cables in finding the proper match.

There are some purists, that would not even touch these new versions of Harberths and I can understand why. Anyhow. Listen before you buy and hopefully enjoy the music…