hARt Lab Tune One Super Integrated Amplifier

hARt Lab writes: “Listening to music ought to be a holistic experience for the senses. The music reproduction system should not only sound great, but also look and feel superb. It has to be easy to use and offer access to all modern sources of music. These are the challenges we accepted in designing this integrated amplifier.” 

“The non-plus-ultra sound for an amplifier of its kind, achieved with the distillation of 20 years experience, has been combined with a form-follows-function design and an indefatigable operation comprising every contemporary facility. The result is something you can not only hear, but also visually admire and touch. Our first “Tune” is a push-pull, ultra linear, auto bias design powered by the best today available EL34 tubes, with specialized, hand-picked and matched audio grade components on all audio stage boards.”