Henry Audio USB DAC 128 mkII review is coming out

Package from Børge Strand-Bergesen of Henry Audio just arrived at my doorstep. “The all new USB DAC 128 mkII enables High Fidelity playback of music stored on a computer or streamed through one. It works with Hi-Res up to 192ksps on Windows, Linux and Mac.”With it, the inferior analog output of the computer is completely bypassed. Paired with a Hi-Fi system or headphone amplifier, the USB DAC 128 mkII is unbeatable in terms of sonic quality bang-for-the-bucks.”
Børge Strand-Bergesen continues:
“The USB DAC 128 mkII from Henry Audio is a compact, elegant and robust DAC that brings superior audio performance to computers, significantly out-performing other stand-alone DACs currently in the market.”

Compared to its predecessor it brings more of everything:
  • More bass
  • Warmer sound character
  • Larger room
  • Faster response