Historic Components

Today’s Stig Bjorge (proprietor at Lyra phono cartridge company) rack shows only “historic components” which are not in production today. From the top is our own Lyra Connoisseur 4-3 Line Preamplifier in its beautiful handmade wooden cabinet by Jim Sweeney of Berkeley, California. The rest of the unit was entirely made in Japan. (There was also a separate phono stage version of this unit.)
“The tuner in the second shelf from the top is the famous Marantz 10B by the late Dick Sequerra, Sidney Smith and others. This is the tube version. I also got the 20B which is the (early) transistor version. These are among the most excellent tuners ever made; and the world is moving on to “digital radio”. One of my most precious memories was when I had a chance to visit Sidney in his Sea Cliff, New York home ca. 1992. I also got Marantz Model 5, Model 8B, and Model 9 power amps carefully updated with improved modern parts in a way that respects the original design.

The four amplifiers on the two lowest shelves are Cello Encore Monos that have been fitted with maximum (possible) capacity 230V input (only) toroidal transformers by Cello Germany. They also had a further work-over and effective modification by Technical Brain in Japan. Only 50W/8 ohm each, but they are wonderful sounding “giant killers”. I generally prefer the sound of small power amplifiers with 20W up to a max of 80W. The Cello audio brand was originally founded and managed by Mark Levinson, and the designs and execution was by (the late) Tom Colangelo and very much alive and kicking (my friend) Paul Jason (currently heading Viola).
This is only a “snapshot” of a considerable number of amps, preamps, speakers, turntables, tonearms – “you name it”. I am mostly enjoying my “audio life” in private, and there is of course a professional side to it;-).”