HRS Damping Plates

Harmonic Resolution Systems writes: “The HRS Damping Plate incorporates a highly effective design to eliminate component chassis noise revealing a new level of musical performance. They are a very cost-effective upgrade to your system.”

A specific amount of mass, stiffness, and damping from the HRS Damping Plates eliminates chassis resonance problems and transforms residual chassis energy into heat.
The HRS Damping Plates should be placed directly on top of an electronic component chassis or speaker cabinet with the soft side of the damping plate in contact with the component surface.
The DPX Damping Plate, at 1.3″ thick, is designed for a billet-machined and thick metal plate chassis when you are looking for maximum performance.
The DPII Damping Plates, at .7″ thick, are designed for sheet metal chassis when cost and height are considered.

Key Features 

  • High grip design creates very stable system
  • Precision manufactured from billet-machined aircraft aluminum
  • Proprietary polymers optimized from years of listening tests
  • Selection of sizes and heights allows system optimization
  • Available in lengths of 5.5″, 9.5″, & 14.5″
  • Available in black and silver anodize finish
All HRS products go through a rigorous development protocol, extensive listening tests, and 100% inspection of critical fit and performance features to verify all HRS products are manufactured to our exacting standards. All of this, combined with precision design and exceptional performance, results in a product that is a pleasure to install, use, change, or expand at any time.