HRS S3-1921 Isolation Base with G7 Feet and G-Link.

The G-Link is specifically designed for use with HRS Isolation Bases with the G7 Footer option. If your audio system is not comprised of an HRS Audio Stand system, the G-Links are necessary for optimal performance. 

Silver HRS S3-1921 Isolation Base with G7 Feet and G-Links
The G-Link provides an excellent interface between the G7 Bi-Directional Noise Reduction Feet on any HRS Isolation Base model and the floor. 

The G-Link will provide a true dissipative ground interface on any surface (stone, wood, carpet, etc.) for the G7 footer.
The HRS G-Links can only be used with our G7 feet, and NEVER with our standard SF2, SF3 or LF Feet.
Black HRS E1-1921 Isolation Base with G7 Feet and G-Links

G-Link Setup Instructions:

Start with the G7 foot of the Isolation Base completely threaded into the base plinth. Place one G-Link under each of the G7 Footers on the Isolation Base. Check to make sure each G-Link is centered under each G7 footer. Once all G-Link footers are in place, check to see if all four corners of the base are stable by pressing down at each corner separately. If the base rocks at all, you should adjust one G7 foot out slightly until the base is completely stable. Do not use the G7 footers to level the Isolation Base, they are not designed to be a global leveling system. Best performance will be achieved when three of the G7 feet are completely bottomed to the base plinth and when necessary the remaining footer is adjusted out to stabilize the structure.
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