I/K Audio Lignum Vitae record clamp NEW

There are  a lot of improvements in the new I/K Audio Lignum Vitae record clamp. Processing of the Lignum Vitae wood is very different and difficult in order to keep its unique qualities. Clamp mechanism for tightening is much improved and made from the higher grade material. Resonator was also upgraded and instead of aluminum its now made from copper alloy. New clamp implements new material for the resonator insulator, new varnishing and new special lacquer, that makes inner and outer layers of the wood reacting with different characteristics.
I/K Audio is working with with Lignum Vitae wood for over 17 years. Its magnificent material, but very fickle and needs a specific treatment. Still, all the work needed is worthy in their opinion. I’ll write more once the new test sample arrive at Mono & Stereo…

I/K audio – Bulgaria