James Mavericks MQ84 speakers

This might be interesting to hear… Yes, made for cinema application, but still.

The Maverick series by James Loudspeaker was inspired by the legendary “Maverick” surf of Northern California—awesome, powerful, and exciting! This large format hybrid horn system was specifically developed for ultra-high output home theater applications where depth is not an issue. The maverick series by James provides ultra-wide bandwidth, very high sound pressure levels, and extremely low distortion.

The MQ84 contains a 4-way passive crossover, requiring a single channel of amplification, while the MQ84A uses an entirely active 4-way crossover system requiring 4 channels of amplification, and allowing the ultimate programmability to deliver the highest quality sound. Each of these models provides high SPL and crystal clear sound all the way from 50Hz up to frequencies above 25kHz. The hybrid horn system allows ultimate control in directing the sound, evenly covering the desired angle without directing the sound too widely, eliminating any possible unwanted reflections and distortion.